The Leichtetraktor is the first German tank available to players and is the start of the German techtree. It has moderate armor for its tier and provides good performance overall. The starting gun is 3.7cm L/46.5, which is adequate but can be upgraded to the semi-automatic guns which can be punishing at short range. Its engine is underpowered at first, but with the upgraded Maybach HL 38 TR, the Leichtetraktor can prove more mobile than the better armoured MS-1. The FuG 2 is recommended for battles with higher tier tanks. Due to the limited selection of guns, the Leichtetraktor does not have as much variety as the MS-1, but acts as a good, reliable first tank. Research leads to the PzKpfw II, Panzerjager I, and the PzKpfw 35(t).